is it me… or the internet getting dumber and dumber? well, not dumber… maybe slower. yeah. which is why i need DSL connection in my life. lmao.

anyways, i’m sleeping at the pastors house tonight. i just got home from buying gifts for people. my whole body is aching. but when i get home ima watch tv and paint my gifts for ina and arden. it’s pretty lame but hey. i won’t say it out loud. lol. the mall was packed and i hated it. but at least i got my gifts, right?! but i ran out of money. which reminds me…

so woke up at 9 today. then we went straight to beverly hills grand legacy since that’s where pastor arnold and dr. ching yee live. omg! their house is humongous in a way that it’s such a waste! cuz there are 3 floors and only three people living there! you  can’t imagine how loud we were when we got there! on the third floor is their attic and it was soo big and nice i called dibs on that room. the funny thing is is that they wanted to trade houses with us which does make sense cuz our house is getting small. you know… medium sized family and all. and yeah, the best part about the house is their bathroom cuz they have a urinal!! haha. i swear, i can’t stop talking about that. who has a urinal in their house?! whacked. lmao.

but asides from the fresh mountain air, big house, space and everything. there’s not much to do. they left us with a tv with no cable [how am i going to live with tha!?] and a DVD which we couldn’t even play cuz they didn’t leave the remote!! so i had to ask my papa to bring my tiny white tv. i think that’s the oldest memory i have left from the states that still works. so while waiting, the kids ran around the house a ga zillion times and i laid in bed listenin to my ipod while eatin candy. i must’ve gotten super bored cuz i finished all the candy… on the 2nd day. what’s the meannin?! and yeah, i talked to kathya and nina on the phone. i missed her.

nya mao to, the afternoon was pretty much just that. we watched the sisterhood of the travelling pants. it’s such an adorable story. ><.

then we went to ayala. i was walking around by myself [like i love to do] looking for gifts. and haai nako. know what?! when i went to the comfprt lounge [you pay 10 bucks to get inside.. isn’t that stupid?!] the faucet was running. i got soo f’in pissed, bai.lmao. anyways, i’m soo super duper nice i turned it off.

then, i went to starbucks to hang out with mommy and her friends. they were soo stupid and loud. ilovethem. tita xtin and violy have friendster and are gonna add me up. should that scare me?! lmao

oh well. i’m not as bad as they were. although i do wish i was. haha.


yuletide greetings. losers :p

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