i AM all that AND a bag of chips

if you want to witness being personally attacked on my own blogsite, read the chatterbox. it’s freaking awesome. this dude actually thinks i care about the fact that he thinks that i’m a boyfriend stealer. lmao. like i care. like i ever did. lmao. i know the truth and things’re fine with me and whoever’s involved. those other people, are trying to steal back the spotlight. lmao. sorry, it’s all mine.

it’s better you think i’m an attention seeker. lmao.

so anyways, next time you wanna ruin me, personalize it, baby. MAKE ME A TESTI. lmao. let’s see if you actually have the guts to tell me who you are. harhar.


anyways, i finally watched sukob yesterday! 🙂 and i bought myself new school shoes today. lmao. i call this personal redemption. haha. or maybe not :p

and i also went high on bazaar products. i hate the fact that granny didn’t bring enough money to buy me the cute earings i wanted. but the bazaar will always be there and their goods.

and once again, i’m candy girl. haha. and it’s F-U-N. but yeah, i’m out.

soo tired.

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