here i go again

it’s just that i’m soo bored. there’s really nothing to do. it’s miserbale. pitiful. tragedic. lmao. i need some sort of alternative aside from eating. HAHA. i swear, it’s soo sad. lmao. recess, lunch and dismissal and sometimes after that. and i still eat dinner .

hey, don’t get me wrong, i’m not the kind of girl that cares about this kind of stuff, if i truly did, i’d consider being anorexic.

ooh. food. lucky mee. lmao.

omgah, see!!!

haha. but i’d rather be eating like hell than be studying for out p.t’s just like everyone else is. i’m lucky in some ways. yes, i am. lol.


our friendship’s a waste. but i’d rather see you go drown the drain than see your name up in lights knowing we can never be friends again. </3

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