&& this is the makings of a disaster

today is the mark of what will turn into a terrible mess like all the one’s before. why? because this is my life. and i am permanently banded by the neverworlds from complete happiness. and hearts will be broken and i will resent myself forever. just like i already am.

but this is sweet and i like it. i like how things’re soo.. well, just how they should be. lmao. i’m crazy. i know, right? when am i not? uh huh. uh huh.

i heard from the grapevine that you felt something that well, maybe i am too.hehe? and  yes, please take care of it and treat it right cuz you only have one chance to break it. i’m not quite fond of glue. lmao.

i hope you know the world hates me already and i love the fact you’re seeing right through that. you know why. thanks for staying. <3

but yeah. ok. we’ll see.

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