We weren’t friends from the start nor were we meant to be best friends since birth. We never always understood each other and at times, I think we didn’t really try to either.

We started out disliking each other without a single thought that maybe, just maybe by a twist of fate would we end up being best of friends. We both have our differences and I think that’s what’s brought us together. Sometimes we don’t get along as much as we would want to but I know that God works in magical ways, which is why I always find myself running back to your embrace each mesmerizing fight or misunderstanding.

I’m not always there for you as much as I want to. Sometimes I am but not as much as you want me to and I’m sorry for that. I wish I could’ve been there when you cried. If I was, I wish that I paid more attention to you because every time I needed someone to hold, to listen to me or put up with me, I didn’t have to look that far. I know a best friend is supposed to be in the first row seat cheering you on during a performance and it’s so humiliating to claim to be your best friend yet I never did any of those. I was never in the first row and I didn’t get to cheer you on. But I wanted to; well at least if I couldn’t be there physically, I wanted to be there in you heart. I’m your biggest fan, I just never got the chance to tell you that.

Before, I wanted so badly to turn back time and change certain events in my life, wishing that I would make things better. But when I come to think of it, it was those events that brought such joy to me that I will always treasure in my life. Without a doubt, the one that has brought me the most amount of joy is you. If I weren’t the biggest suck-up that I was, I wouldn’t know you. If I didn’t torture you back in elementary, no one would call me a “witch” and still accept me for that. And now, we can still laugh about those stuff and just think of reasons why little events like those has stuck us like mighty bond glue.

Now, if I could think of things that I would want to do, that would be to hold on to more things. I wish that I were Superwoman and do two things at once. Better yet, I wish that I could freeze time, so that I could freeze a second that I get to spend with you to an eternity.

Of all the things that I had to decide on, leaving you and all the things that remind me of you is definitely the hardest thing to do because I have to choose whether to live the life I want or to be with someone who has made this life worth living.

If leaving is a mistake is a mistake, I know that this is the biggest mistake I’ll ever make but I hope that you’ll be able to forgive me for that.

I’m going to miss you chub … you will always be my best friend, forever. And if I’ve said it before … this time, I mean it with all of issa. [lol] You have a special place in my heart that distance can never replace. Even though I’ll meet new people, no one will ever be half as good as the person I have found in you. I know we all have our doubts. But I promise you things will work out. I love you with all my heart. And if you need anything … I’ll stop whatever I’m doing for you … promise.

Schary. [There, I said it for you! and I can’t believe it!!]

I bet you thought that I’d just stop there, but I’m not done yet.

A friend is the one that calls you up when she’s meant to call her man. “oops, wrong numbah, beb. I’m just soo used to calling you.”

A true friend is someone who thinks that you’re a good egg even though you’re slightly cracked

We said our last goodbye’s and when I almost gone I gave you one more look. The look said it all; everything was going to be ok.

A true friend picks you up when you fall. But if they can’t pick you up, they’ll lie beside you and talk for a while.

You don’t have to be all these things to me because you’re so much more. I have my own definition of a true friend and it starts with a c and ends in an l. yeah baby, its CHABEL!! Ü

hey .. i woke up today at 10 something .. i was like soo tired from yesterday.

i took the test and all at montessori .. i got in. JOY.

it just wasn’t so exciting as i thought it would be . the school didn’t fucking call me up or anything. which kinda disappointed me cuz i wanted to tell me personally but then, they didn’t.

im not gonna make a big fuss outta tiz here .. maybe on the phone wit chub though.

haha. i’m pissed for multiple reasons!! fuck this life!

anyways, it’s phil-o-rama and i spent most of my morning watching tv [buhm] and nothing else. i decided to go online cuz i didn’t get to write a blog or anything.

im buying my guitar today [for te record, this is my 3rd guitar this year!!]

can’t wait .. i wanna write songs again. im inspired.


much <3..


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