TUF Barbershop Now Has 4 Branches in Cebu!

TUF Barbershop is every Cebuano man’s go to place when it comes to quality hair cuts & grooming. I’ve kept an eye on them over the years, as I’ve questioned every one of guy friend’s haircuts, to find out each time that they’ve entrusted their precious manes to The Urban Fade.

At TUF, each customer is offered 4 of their signature haircuts namely, The Gent Cut, Bastard Cut, Hooligan Cut and the Bugsy Cut but of course, if you come in with a style you already want, the barbers will try to achieve for you. They also offer hair art at different price points, depending on the design.

TUF understands how crucial a mans hairstyle is and therefore, only the best of the best are able to handle their loyal customers. Each barber undergoes training sessions and is prepped to understand that TUF isn’t only just a barbershop but it’s also a community. I guess that’s why every single guy in Cebu is gaga over this place.

TUF’s Signature Cuts

I brought my little brother, Miguel, in for a quick session over at TUF’s latest opened branch in Talamban. This was his hair before…


And this was his hair after!

It’s needless to say but Miguel was obviously delighted with the Gents Cut that he was given. He was also geared with some pomade to keep his hair in place and he was well on his way.

Pomade selection

TUF Barbershop recently opened their 4th branch in the city and that is just the beginning for them! In the coming months, they will also be adding more signature cuts, services and promotions for everyone to enjoy.

Visit the closest TUF branch to you:

Follow them on their Facebook page and Instagram account for more details and promotions!


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