japanese people are stupid

generally had a good day. hung out with friends, answered “WINNER KA, KAPAMILYA” of one of the test questions on my tests, went to a pawnshop for the first time, tried new coffee and had dinner with my mom.

yeah, i pretty much did more than that, i’m just too busy to exactly enumerate them all. 😀

i love hanging out on my own. i think it’s a natural high for me. i’m thinking about going to ayala tomorrow to finish my book 🙂

me and datan had a really good conversation today. like, what we want in a relationship and i guess i think i find it cool that we basically want the same things and it makes me happy that nina is with him because it means she’s not tied down to all the norms that some people usually are involved in when they get into relationships.

i guess the biggest mistake we make in relationships is looking too far into the future and forgetting that when you’re in a relationship, that’s not the only life you have. you have your own, your partner has his own and then you have your lives together which is your relationship.

We found out that JM was cheating on Ina and it made me sad cuz ina doesn’t deserve what she’s been going through. i don’t understand why boys cheat on us girls. i mean, it’s not fair because the only thing that us girls want is to be loved and to love back, i don’t think i could ever cheat on anyone and i don’t think i ever wanna know what it’s like to be cheated on either.

like for me, if you don’t want to be with me anymore, then just tell me and i won’t stand in your way. i give you trust [or at least i try] and you best not take advantage of it. it’s not like i would die without you anyways. i don’t know bitaw. this is just my perspective.

anyways, yeah. i’m done.

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