forever and a day

… so you stole my world, and now i’m just a phony

so today was a mix of emotions for me. i had tests that drove me crazy, we officially started our project in CLE, i had dinner with Justin, i had to study for my biochemistry test tomorrow and now i’m online trying to get “unbored”.

i like it when we make our project, it makes me feel like i’m actually doing something good in my life. i guess it’s not exactly a heartless deed though. maybe there aren’t really things like that in this world. :/

there’s this kid that comes to our sessions high. i catch him starring into space a lot and i think he doesn’t even know how to read or write that much. ever since the first meeting he’s been so hard to get through. he always gives us fake names and stuff like that and idk, i just thought he got into this thing all for the sake of doing something.

after today’s first session, he admitted that his sister has hyper [i have noo idea] and that’s what causes him to steal and right now, he just keeps on texting me and asking me for help. i honestly don’t know what to say to say to this guy… it’s so hard. i’m glad i got to touch him in a way and maybe renew his prospective in life. and i wish this project would be as successful as we’re all hoping it would be.

i can’t wait til Thursday where we’ll let these kids watch a movie and our church. it’ll proli be fun. hehe.

Anyways, moving on, i had dinner with Justin tonight and i guess i was really happy to see him and it was really funny cuz we messed with this report text thingy at Harbour City. and it was all ok until we ran into his ex girlfriend and her friends. i just hope she doesn’t start anything because i do NOT deal with ex girlfriends. that is just not part of my system. hahaha.

i guess i don’t wanna ask him about her either cause you know, what happened in the past happened in the past and it’s really not my business. i guess i learned that from james where i wanted to know everything and i guess there are just somethings that are better left unsaid. and besides, i don’t wanna be that person who gets insecure over small things anymore because i know i wasn’t that person until you know… you were there.

i guess there are a lot of things i don’t wanna be anymore. but i shouldn’t be saying them here. maybe i will next time. or maybe i won’t.

interesting stuff’re happening to me right now. really interesting stuff. i guess life does better. 🙂

thanks for being my silver lining!

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