Today I didn’t wake up when you called out to play instead I lulled you to sleep so that I could get more shut eye.

Today we skipped bath time as I said, “what’s one day?” because I stayed up too late last night and just couldn’t bring myself to bathe you.

Today I only played with you once and repeatedly tried to take you out of my arms instead of let you lay with me.

And now can’t take back the hours where you needed me and I wasn’t there for you because I didn’t put you first.

I will never let that happen again. I will always put you first

My Little North Star

I guess all the cliches are true- the moment you first lay eyes on your baby all the pain suddenly goes away; the 9 long months of puking, back pain & inability to eat anything raw becomes worth it and you know… The list goes on.

I have always loved you & I have always known that I would love you but I never knew how much I was capable of loving until I met you and now that you’re here, I can’t even put them into words & even trying would be such a great injustice.

You are the most precious thing I have ever seen- so happy, so full of life and you are definitely a product of the love that Paolo & I have for one another multipled by a gazillion. You are love and you are loved.

This blog is 3 weeks late but welcome to the world, my little Nolan North Perez Gandionco.

Will I Waist Train After Birth?

Hello Bayhanas- I’m back!

As of writing, I am currently 38 weeks into my pregnancy and after all the highs and lows, I am currently planning out my post partum journey.

One of the things I have been considering after childbirth is sculpting or waist training or whatever else you want to call it.

I’ll be missing my baby bump for sure but I’m also very eager to fit into my pre baby clothes again and I think waist sculpting is a very real and practical option for me. Obviously my body has gone through so many changes in the last 9 months but at least this will give me a sense of normalcy again which is something I’d be lying about if I said I didn’t miss.

As a part of my research, I’ve check out a couple brands and I was lucky to have chanced on these 2 kinds of sculptors which are serious considerations of mine.

Check them out:

The 360 lipo foam board

I think the foam board would be something I would wear while at home as it seems a little bulky. Also, based on the material- it looks like something I could possibly sweat in so I’d say this is a great option for sculpting while I’m just chilling and being a momma at home.

My next option is:

The waist trainer wrap

This wrap looks very promising to me and is something I think I could wear whenever I go out to give me and my soon to be new pouch some confidence.

I have to say it looks very comfortable & light weight so I’m really excited to try this one out.

Which one is your bet?


this is a sponsored post

your kicks are getting stronger and you’re getting bigger. And you’re such a sas master.

You give us so much joy as young as you are now and I just want you to know- I am so excited to hold you and love you and I’m so happy to be your mommy.

I can’t wait to be your mommy. i love you so much stinkin’ much already.

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Hey babe,

What have you been doing in there? I can feel your little kicks and you swirling around inside of me. Last night we listened to your little heart and everyone was so happy that you’re good and strong!

Everyday I pray you don’t get mama’s heart because sometimes mine done work so well but that’s ok- you make me stronger.

You’re starting to move a bunch in there and I usually get really tired right after having lunch- either that or you make me hungry just as soon as I’m done eating!

Did you like the pizza mama ate for us today? There were pineapples in them!

Remember, no matter what anybody says- you can put whatever you want on your pizza… even pineapples. And if people tell you that you can’t- tell them, we’re all special & it’s ok to like different things as long as our hearts are pure.

The other day mama sang to you- which is something I haven’t done in a while and you kicked mama so hard, I got scared! Papa laughed and he rubbed you, kissed you and I can just tell he’s gonna love you so stinkin’ much! He already does. so much.

We can’t wait to see you, little one! Stay safe in there and give mama as many kicks and stretches as you need to, ok? i love each and every one of them.

i love you the most,