Things Single Women Are Tired Of Hearing And The Perfect Responses To Our Annoying Tita’s | Bayhana

Hey Bayhanas! Are you single? Then you must get a lot of annoying questions ALL THE TIME! Here are some of the most annoying questions single women are tired of hearing!

What questions are you tired of hearing? Let me know in the comment section below!

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The Truth About Menstrual Cups (Is Your Menstrual Cup Safe?) | Bayhana

Are your menstrual cups safe? Watch this vlog to find out!

Here are some helpful links:
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A community of menstrual cup advocates that share insights, trusted sellers and the like.

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A precise list of USFDA approved cups from the USFDA website itself.

If your cup claims to be USFDA approved and isn’t on the list- reconsider.

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A community of Bayhanas that support, inspire and educate each other.
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Love Your Body with the Right Underwear

Hey Bayhanas! I’m back with another fashion recommendation which I’m sure you’ll all love!

Today we’re going to talk about finding the right under garments for your body featuring

I know you’re all thinking- how can you talk about body positivity and promote body shapers? Well, as someone who typically encourages us to love our bodies including all the curves and ripples, I have to admit, there are days when I need an extra pick me up- whether it be support or shape- wise.

And I don’t want to lie and pretend that I don’t get some help on difficult days so instead, I would rather lead you in the right direction and help you ladies choose the right shapers for you.

If there’s something I’ve always been an advocate for, it’s been investing in the right undergarments because if and when you decide to wear underwear- at least you know you’ve got the basics covered.

A good fitting bra means a comfortable experience regardless of what you’re doing. The right kind of underwear means not having to worry about constantly arranging yourself. And the right body shaper can lead to a lot of other benefits as well!

Loverbeauty Curve Shaping Shorts With 4 Removable Pads

A shaper panty is definitely something I’ve wished to own in my arsenal for days when I want to fill in my bottoms while I’m currently on my journey to achieve a fuller and toner butt.

Loverbeauty Plus Size Bodysuit Shapewear | Ultra Conceal Compression Shaping Shorts

If you’re a proud, voluptuous woman, Loverbeauty also offers plus size shapewear shaping shorts in case you need it for whatever occasion.

Benefits of Wearing Shapewear Every Day

Aside from the common benefits of wearing a body shaper that we are all aware of (body shaping, confidence boosting & etc.) my favorite benefits of wearing body shapers are:
* Posture support
* Aids in better exercise

To get your own body shapers and underwear, check out

Issa Gandionco

Marriage is hard. Some days it’s great but some days it’s like, why did I ever think this was the thing I wanted.

No wonder a lot of married people seek God once they get married. It takes a special, higher power to not want to strangle each other all the time.

I say this with love.

Work Out Better with FeelinGirl [Ad]

I’ve had the privilege of yet again, to work with FeelinGirl, an online website that sells thigh and waist trimmer garments, amongst other things.

Now tbh, I have no idea what these things are so I decided to do my own investigative research and here’s what I found about trainers:

Trainers are apparel that helps the stimulation of heat during work outs that may also result in faster slimming. So if you’re into sculpting your legs and need some help, you might want to check these out.

I’m guessing that a booty sculptor works the same way and it also helps in lifting your buttocks, if that’s what you’re hoping to achieve and I think that this product would be the right kind. It looks pretty durable and lightweight at the same time- helping your workouts while allowing your body to breathe.

And lastly, you have your shapewear bodysuit which helps you achieve a sleeker silhouette.

Now, I feel the need to say this- people are born with curves and folds and they are completely normal. I don’t think that we should all feel the need to hide them but I do understand that some of us feel better with them and I don’t hold that against anyone. I respect anyone and everyone’s decisions to or not wear garments like this.

Tbh, there are days when I’m not feeling so great and a body shaper helps me feel a lot better about myself & I’m not going to hate myself for that either.

So if you feel like this is something you need and want, then happy shopping. But if you’re completely fine without it- great on you and no pressure.

Happy shopping!


Idk what that was

Nobody wakes up one day and decides that they’re gonna feel like shit.

Sometimes it starts with I don’t feel like dressing up today, to I’m not gonna cook, to maybe I’ll just lay in bed and not check socials. And then you check your socials and you find your heart sinking into your chest.

And then your phone rings and it’s a million people needing a million things from you and instead of wanting to do it- you just curl into a ball and pretend you didn’t read/ hear it.

And then you hate yourself for not wanting to do it but it doesn’t make you want to do it any more.

And then you can’t breathe. Your head starts to hurt more often than it used to. Your eyes start to twitch. You get pimples. You accidentally break stuff. You forget what your husband looks like. You have a hard time remembering things. You even almost forget your menstrual cup inside you.

It be like that sometimes.

Sex Is My Favorite Topic

I like to talk about sex as much as I love having it. I love talking about it mostly because I always felt like I couldn’t.

I always felt like I had to be ashamed that I was doing it as if it wasn’t the most natural human instinct in the world. But my time on Bayhana has empowered me to come out here and say it- I like sex and it’s not just for guys.

Hell, one of the first things I said to Paolo was- this is my body count, please let me know if you can’t take it (most guys can’t) so we can end this now. He could care less and that’s how I knew I loved him.

Women who have sex & explore aren’t sluts, bitches and hookers. But if you are a hooker, there’s nothing wrong with that either.

We are women who enjoy the pleasure of being aroused. We like being touched, licked, squeezed and we shouldn’t be ashamed of it.

So let’s talk sex. And period. And how both can affect each other.

Remember, if nobody ever had sex- you & I wouldn’t be here. So stop being such a prude.

The Grass Is Really Long Outside

I keep catching Cody looking outside the window lately and it’s been making me feel very bad. You know, you can entertain a dog as much as you can and trick him with, “go get it” antics but eventually they’re gonna realize that there wasn’t really anything to get to begin with.

So I took him out while Paolo took over my animal crossing and did some fishing for me. I don’t think he caught anything amazing because I’ve practically squeezed that island dry. And then miguel will come on it and catch something amazing. He’s really good at fishing on that game for some reason. I envy him.

It’s also Father’s day today and I was really depressed about it for a while. It made me wish I had a better relationship with my family in this moment & wondered if my estranged relationships with them will one day bite me in the ass.

We don’t believe in karma.

I will fight for that to never happen.

But to all the dad’s reading this- there’s not really anything for you to read here. It’s really, mostly about Cody, but happy dad’s day anyways.

We made amazing friends during this pandemic. * in particular. We played games together, sometimes 8 hours a day. We would talk until 3 in the morning, long after we shut down the computers. we’d be in bed, talking to him about finding a girlfriend, the games we play- life .

He would ask us everyday for updates. Everytime he came on he’d ask- what’re the updates? Ecq? Mcq? Gcq? I never thought anything of it.

Today he got bad news. What do you say when you hear bad news? It’s gonna be ok? What if it doesn’t get ok? * said if he has it and he doesn’t make it, the first time I’ll meet him is at his wake.

He said- now you’ll have more people to cry about. Joel and now, me. Before i found out I said- when all of this is done, let’s eat chicken wings. He said, I doubt that’ll ever happen.

God. Why is this happening. I can’t take it.