Reviewing A Bin Of Make Up- 2018 Products (Review, Haul, First Impressions)

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A Bonne Skin & Underarm Whitening Products & Heel Cream Review + GIVEAWAY!

Thank you so much to A Bonne for sponsoring this video and for generously gifting me with these items that I get to use on myself and giveaway! If you want to get a chance at winning a set of the Milk Power Lightening Lotion, Banana Milk cracked heel cream & Spa Milk Salt, make sure to follow me on Instagram (@issaplease) for more instructions on how to do so!

Here’s more information about the products:


Milk Power Lightening Lotion
P 195.00


Spa Milk Salt
P112.50 (set of two)

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Banana Milk Cracked Heel Cream


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GRWM- Rose Gold Make Up Look

Here’s the make up I’ve been using:
Foundation – L’Oreal Paris Philippines True Match foundation in N4
Concealer – MAKE UP FOR EVER
Banana Powder – SEPHORA
Brows/ Eyeliner – Nichido Cosmetics
Eye shadow/ Mascara – Urban Decay Cosmetics
Eye shadow – BH Cosmetics
Contour – theBalm
Blush/ Powder/ Mascara – Benefit Cosmetics
Lipstick – Aido/ Tory Burch
Highlighter – Sleek MakeUP

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[VLOG] My Daily Make Up Routine + Feminine Eye Shadow Look

Hey everyone!

Been playing around with make up, videos, Sony Vegas & just everything that I can get my little eager hands on.

I’m quite proud of this video, quality wise, despite the fact that I got too lazy towards the end to make a decent voice over. But when it all comes down to it, I feel like it kind of worked! I mean, how else am I supposed to show you guys my polar opposites?

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[VLOG] Quick, Easy and Inexpensive Make- up For School

I fairly enjoy make up but to be honest, when I started college I hated the fact that I was required to start wearing make up. Youtube wasn’t as big as it is now so I basically learned my make up preferences, techniques and skills from joining make up classes, gay classmates (I miss you all!) and my mom.

Now that the internet has gotten pretty huge, I wanted to do my fair share and give back to my wonderful young readers by sharing with your MY college make up routine. All the make up that I’m using the budget friendly and if you’re not the type to ask your mom to buy you make up, you can easily save up for these products.

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