Reviewing A Bin Of Make Up- 2018 Products (Review, Haul, First Impressions)

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A Bonne Skin & Underarm Whitening Products & Heel Cream Review + GIVEAWAY!

Thank you so much to A Bonne for sponsoring this video and for generously gifting me with these items that I get to use on myself and giveaway! If you want to get a chance at winning a set of the Milk Power Lightening Lotion, Banana Milk cracked heel cream & Spa Milk Salt, make sure to follow me on Instagram (@issaplease) for more instructions on how to do so!

Here’s more information about the products:


Milk Power Lightening Lotion
P 195.00


Spa Milk Salt
P112.50 (set of two)

Image result for a bonne cracked heel

Banana Milk Cracked Heel Cream


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[VLOG] I Wore Maybelline’s Superstay Matte Ink For 24 Hours!

I’m not a fan of lipstick but I do suffer from retail fomo which basically means, I must get my hands on everything trendy and “in”. I honestly try not be like this but when a lipstick says it can last up to 16 hours, you just have to give in… and then make a Youtube video out of it testing it for 24 hours because you’re the dummy who misread the marketing packaging. classic issa.

Here are the other colors of this amazing line of lipstick:

Image result for superstay matte ink shades

Find these at your local department store or online

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