10 Things To Do In Costabella, Cebu

I’ve been on work+ vacation mode for the past month, juggling work and play and play with work. I’ve been shopping for bikinis I can hardly fit into, pants to wear out on adventures and good shoes to take me to good places. I guess living in the Philippines does have it’s perks aside from it being sunny for almost the whole year round. lol.

As I was horseback riding in CDO a couple of days ago (*humbrag, I know), I asked myself as I stared into the sunset, “If I could live anywhere on this earth, where would it be?” and as I contemplated about it for a bit, I came to the conclusion that I would, even in a thousand more lives, still choose home- the Philippines.

Cebu, specifically, out of the 7,000+ islands to choose from is and will always be my favorite island because everything is in a great proximity. The beach, the mountains, the city and the provinces are never too far away and traffic can always be evaded. Plus, in beach resorts like Costabella Beach Resort, even if you’re not there to enjoy the water, there’s always something else to do.

Here’s a quick list:

  1. Unwind at the spa. My little trips to resorts are usually spent out on the beach rather than at spas but it’s always a great option especially when night has fallen. Lema Filipino Spa has conjoined rooms if you want to get a group, couple or an individual massage.

2. Bask on the beach. If the spa isn’t your thing, hit the beach and explore the ocean or get a tan under the palm trees. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, try out Costabella’s water sports activities such as jet skiing, banana boats, parasailing and more!

3. Swim in the pool. If you’re not a huge fan of the beach, you can always chill by the pool while sipping on a tropical drink. Pools are always a great place to unwind especially if you’re bringing along a little human with you plus, Costabella has a child-friendly slide that they will surely enjoy.

4. Play at the gym or kids room. There’s a place for either grown ups or kids to hide away, relax and/or play. Leave your little ones at the kids room that is fully air conditioned and equipped with activities to distract your little tyke for hours while you can sneak in a quick work out in between meals and beach time at their gym.

5. Explore their #instagramworthy spots. For the everyday Millenial whose Instagram must be one point, there are a different hundred different spots for you. Costabella is full of quirky, artsy and nature-y spots that would be great for your next post. (but don’t take my word or you know… these 100 photos. HAHA!)

6. Relax in the room. After a long day under the sun, it’s always a good idea to freshen up and trust me, Costabella’s rooms were meant for more than just that. With fluffy beds, gorgeous bathrooms and a great view- it’ll be hard to leave.

7. Dine at La Marina, Brisa or Luna. What’s a perfect day at the beach without some hefty meals in between, right? Costabella has 3 restaurants to choose from each with their own selection of food and services. La Marina, the resort’s main restaurant which is perfect for a casual ambiance encourages guests to relax, unwind and indulge in their wide selection of food. Brisa, which is situated by the pool area offers an al fresco Pan- Asian dining experience. If you’re a romantic, you can also request the resort to assist you create a romantic candlelight dinner. And lastly, Luna, which offers Spanish Tapas and refreshing cocktails and spirits has the perfect ambiance to relax, meet new people and even enjoy some Philippine local artists’ work.

8. Hold a meeting/ convention. If you’re looking to throw a special event, a conference or event a convention, Costabella is the perfect mix of work and play as they offer different amenities perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for open spaces, a boardroom, wedding venue or just a place to hang out with your loved ones, Costabella has the perfect nook for you!

9. Ride around in style. There are so many spots to explore and discover at Costabella and what cannot be done on foot can always be done by bike! Roll around the resort on their bikes that are free to use for visitors and find yourself a secret hideout.

10. Play! There are so many things to do at Costabella and when you’re done playing in water, you can also play billiards (at Luna), ping pong (beach side) or volleyball (beach) and more.

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Have a great time!


Issa P.

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