it’s sunday… again. it was raining last sunday too. last sunday we were at bantayan. remember much? lol.i wonder why they call it SUNday when it usually rains on sundays. lol. well, not really. stupid me. 😛

yesterday was soo fun. me and kathya went to ayala to buy stuff for prom. i had her check out the shoes i wanted and she aslo helped me pick out earings for the prom. one day i’ll go unlazy and actually show the pitures of the things that i plan to buy, bought or picture of my friends and shit. but in the mean time, while i haven’t igured out a less complicated way to do that, you’ll just have to live with sentences of me ranting. lol 😛 then we watched a movie, fun with dick and jane. god! it was soo funny. then josh and jet smsed kat and told her that they wanted us to check something out sa burger joint so, right after the movie we ran there and .. then burger joint people tore it down! what’s the meaning. we ran into josh near pizza hut then he told us that it went something like,“grieve with us?” lol. cool saying for valentines. i think i’ll wear black on tuesday. but i’ll rant later. so, yeah. we did that. good luck with your dress, kath. 😛

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