oh god, i’ve lost it.

in the undying quest to finish my all my projects specifically in english i have done what no man has done before. i’ve resorted to the call of MIRC. public chatting. shiver.

i’ve asked this very intellectual dude, whom i happened to click on to help me interpret the fucing haiku’s that i hate so much!

heard that teacher christian, you gay… roar!!!! i don’t care.

and i hate the fact that i’m actually on mirc but, it’s for the grades! and like, yeah.

so far, one guy has asked me if i’d enjoy talking about sex. my reply. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK?!

and yeah, a number of people who have discovered that i’m 15 years old have refused to reply to call of  help. age ain’t nothing but a number, baby. keep that in mind when you screw your gramma

anyways, got people to text, projects to make. stuff.

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