yeah, it’s me again. haha. i thought it was a saturday. so what happened? it’s soo weird cuz when it’s a weekday, i can’t stay up to 9 cuz ima end up waking up at 12 in the afternoon so i end up going beddy bye bye at 8:30 or something. but now that it’s a weekend. the 2 days of the week i spend the last 5 anticpating about, i can sleep at 1 and still manage to wake up at 8. wtf? i’m retarded. but whoever’s trying to figure me out is more. lmao.

— you could be my retard and i could be yours.. that would make the two of us the coolest darn  retards on the block —

ooh, i’m wearing my glasses right now. nothing great there.. just haven’t done it ina while. pfft. soo anyways, i spent the whole day making my stupid math project. for more nagging please feel free to visit ever dearest Tara, Kevin and Sab’s page. i’m sure they have a lot to say there!;p i swear to God, it’s soo hard! it took me 4 hours [i’m not exagerating on this, people] working on the 1st page. like, i was still new to the whole pop-up book concept so, it was like hell for me. it was supposed to be 180 degree pop-up but after the 1st page that, might i add wasn’t pretty, i decided i’d make things simple and stick to what teacher Brazil advised us to do, a 90 degree pop-up. but seriuosly, i hate how i’m like tha sometimes, you know.. never sticking to the simpler thingz. how i always want MORE pizzaz to everything. makes me feel like a perfectionist which people, i have grown out of. well, i don’t even remember if i ever was one. lmao. but yeah, teacher Brazil, you are my favorite teacher but omfgosh. you’re just a bundle. a super heavy and super wrong timing bundle!

so yeah, i;m not cut out to draw.. so i just made the back drops. i think i thought that someone would actually help me cuz i just settled on making just-the-backdrops or whatever you call it. i stopped at around 4. i was planning to take a bath to get ready for the christmas party that the townhouse people who we..err.. i, don’t like talking to. no offense, i hate mingling with old OLD old people who are in authority. the fact that they are makes them all serious and sucks the fun out of everything. i wish my papa was something.. that would be fun. corrupt and gets away with it. i think it’s the charm. lmao. snap back. but yeah, i ended up sitting on the floor like i always do unwilling to wet myself and hopefull smell better. so, i just sat there and started making poems. i think i made 2. 2 lang gyud. i think i’m loosing it. haha. i usually make 6 in a row. hahaiz. now i know i’m not inlove, infatuated or hurt or whatver. seriously, i’m more talented like that. so whoever wants to infatuate me… try. if you wanna read my poem [the better one] check out my page on friendster. when i made it, i was thinking of Sab. i ran out of load man gud and thrilling na gyud unta to bah. sorry. it’s not that bad actually.

then after an hour and thirty i did take that long much awaited bath. i dressed up to go across the street and i haven’t changed since. lmao. im in pants and a polo shirt. wetseal. easter colors. you know what im talking about.. or do you?! and you know what i realized?? i have TONS of clothes but.. i’m too lazy to dress up. guess that’s what happens when your pathetic or feel like it. i swear, i feel as if a dementor sucked the life outta me. i’m not the happy go lucky me. like, i aint in the mood to do anything. EFFORTLESS! haha. that’s proof i need straightened and guided priorities, values and a better social life.

speaking of which, ina called me around lunch. she told me stuff bout everyone and as usual,i talked… let out a few tears and when we hung up, i felt confused. see, i hate how things are like that.. i finally set up my opinions and everything and someone comes and shake’s it all up. i’m very much convinced that im gullible. on the serious stuff. sounds like common sense has another side, don’t it? or.. do you even consider tha.. argh. nevermind. i feel a migrane coming.

so, as i was saying about the party… yeah, i only went there so i could see my sisters dance. she said she wanted to folow my footsteps. i had to see how many steps could she take before realizin that… im the unbeatable dancin diva in our family. lmao. i was just messin. i was going to ssay that she should just pick up her own talent but scratch that… i’ve got it all. none left for her. lmao. lemme swallow a humble pill, people. i swear to god i was just messing. anyways, they took so fucking long and i got pissed cuz it was soo crowded and too many kids. i am an anti child, thankyouveryuch. it was soo weird though cuz pva is soo small but…. yeah. you get it don’t you? my wrists are starting to ache.

so i went up and watched the muffet’s wizard of Oz. i love how im soo kiddie like that. lmao. i made the rest of my Math project. the movie got boring so i switched the pc on and mademy filipino proj. while making it i heard a BOOM! and that’s how i missed casey’s big dance. damnit. maybe next time. hey, i’ve seen the kid naked… so seeing her dance ain’t mpossible and it won’t give me nightmares, either. lmao.

i got an artwork shirt. apparently, my mother entered me in the manitomanita thinggy for KIDS. ok Kev, maybe you we’re SLIGHTLY right about the kid thinggy and i am partly one but.. THIS IS WHERE I DRAW THE LINE! mom just got lucky i got a good gift. Robby, you gay child among all the other young, gay children in this townhouse… i adore the fact that you listen. but most importantly, the fact that your mom does too and that she has good taste. the shirts orange and has a ballerina and says frustrated ballerina. i can relate. but i did take up ballet. and jazz. and lotz. TOLD YA i was talented. ok, maybe the pill didn’t work, i think i need a needle!

and the best part about today, was playin bingo. dude, that guys was just giving away 20 bucks like it couldn’t buy you ice cream! haha. and they were all new! haha. im feelin them now. eewww… thhat came out wrong. anyways, it was soo whack cuz if you got 1 number right, he’d give you 20 right away. the janitor won the 500 though, and amzingly.. we couln’t be happier that he won. i mean, yeah. that really gave me butterflies and made it feel like chirstmas.

it was real cheesy at the end though cuz we all sang give love on christmas day and silent night. it was totally freak showy how the lady on the mic sang, “people making leasts” [lists] my eyes popped out like how ian’z zit pop out when they make him ride the pole. Kev, you should introduce your friend to the guys in my class… i think they’d get along swell in terms of the letter X. oh wait, apil sad ka! man, these boys are pollutin my anti porn head.

and now i have money. that’s great.

so this was my day. in full details. i can talk gyud.proof! wait, this ain’t complete gyud. left out some imp. details cuz you ain’t supposed to knos.

longest soo far, i fink.

p.s. arden and i were texting… raises eyebrow at ina.



it ain’t ISA people.

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