ok, so here i am sharring my victory to the world.

sorry na gud if hambug kaau but i kinda got used to the feeling of lossing the fact that we’re champions is still hard to grasp! 🙂

anyways, wow bai! i still can’t believe that we won.. champions pa gyud! ka nindot sad oie. tear. and we get a medal! a medal. damn. the only thing i want. don’t need recognition nah gudbatsa meal lang.. please beh! 😀

sos. honestly.. i didn’t like the game against the 2st years gyud. like, me and kathya we’re chattin the whole time. but whatever,

i reffered [huh?] the 3rd and 1st year game. i am oficially the dancing chicken reffery who’s twin is the post. 🙂 hmm. i love it. i loved doing my intermission number.

remeinds me of REAL intrams. still the best

then, sos. here’s the drama…

4th year!

we lost the first set but luckily we caught up thank thank thank thank thank you god

:D: D:D

mao ra to. kapoi. anyways, i;mstrying to put manicure on.

it’s my prize. 😀

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