so, i was going to tell you the rest of the story bout my birthday but this chick has gotten so lazy over the past few days that i can’t even remember anything. well, i exagerated. i dont want to. lmao.

anyways, yesterday was boo day and it was fun! i spent the whole night at paradise for tiz annual trick or treating thinggy. i used to go and dress up and shit like that but eventually, i gre up. casey was a dracula and miguel was well, duh! spiderman! lmao.

my initial plan was to hang out with ina and chub and ina’z friends.. layla and bright people. but when i got to her place. yeah. issa s. and other girls were there and inez too. it was kinda fun but i felt uhm.. let’s just not say it so i bounced

** i love issa’s make up and inez gave me.. a 10 second make over. lmao 

* it’s times like those when i wish i never looked back and tried to fix the things waay out of my league *

hahaiz. life. i always knew it would leave me like thiz.

so, i hung out with kate and kathya. there, i knew i would fit in. 🙂 sorry.

it was soo much fun. cheabel got there and we all went to burger joint. i finally got that right! joy! ;p damn. then suddenly, my phone rings and it was my mom and she was all, common we have to go nah. at 4 o clock in the afternoon was she f’in crazy?!

hehe. but, im gooooood. so, we talked her into letting me stay. LECHON?! haha. i don’t really care anymore.

so, we went back to burger joint [haha! i got it right again!] and we we’re just so fucking loud that thiz chick came up and told me to shut up.

hahaha. sorry,bitch i don’t know you so i don’t care! 😛

so, we basically walked around and made some noise and shit.

it was fun. i could just do it over and over again and not wish for anything more. lmao

** i saw a wishing start ** i didn’t wish for everything to go back to the way it used to be.. maybe now, i like things just the way they are.**


ok, so that was yesterday. step into my present

well, i spent the whole day texting! honest!unlimited gud. ;p

and we went to tita tina’s house. lmao.

yeah. mao to. bow.

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