|| are you happy now? ||

l e t g o, hunneh. i knew it couldn’t last. there are just some things that you can’t keep doing no matter how happy you are, no matter how much you pretend, no matter how much you could’ve loved him. you just have to let go. and when you think about it.. it only hurts a little. a little more. a little deeper. a little more each day.

i know i have to do this. i know i can live the pain cuz if this is what it takes to make everything finally fall into place, then i’ll give him up over and over again just like i just did.

god, i don’t want him to get over me because i don’t wanna get over him. i know he was ugly or a slob and a jackass ass.. but he was mine. and i knew it. not completely… but i loved how it was.

and i don’t know what i’ll do when i see him again. i wish.. ugh. i won’t wish.

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