i know it’z a saturday… and your point iz??

i have curly hair!!! dah! dah! dah! naa na gyud akong long, ovedue prize for having good gradez!! 😀

yeah. 5 hours sitting in a chair doing nothing was well.. somewhat worthit.

in the afternoon, i begged and pleaded my mom if i could go to usp to watch the bball game. and well, princesses always get their way. and i got mine. father even did the courtesy of dropping me off and watched me cross the street by myself. props to me for crossing the road by myself.

they won! it was awesome. i had a great time. hehe.

but i hadta bounce cuz it was franco’s birthday party.

it wasn’t that much fun but i survived. socialitez. the upper class. rich bastardz!

i never expected those words to come out of my mouth just like that.. but when they did. i couldn’t stop saying them. over and over again.

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