hey, im at banilad town center right now. and for some freaking reason.. im always here… sad. i’m

like, a by stander nah. sad.  hey, it’s really boring so i decided to change my skin. it;s hot.. right? i

know. i had a stressful day and i don’t think that i’d like to rem. what happened or what i just read.

kapoy ra kaau oie. the world isn’t ready for that kind of stress. lord, you know i need you. don’t make

me suffer any longer.


you see, they can’t seem to picture you wit him. he’s such a person known for being a gangster, chimney, supah

drinker, and other bad stuff. even ask the teachers around. also, most of those i know who are just like him hardly

know what love means. they may fall in love but that doesn’t completely change everything in them. and if i wer’e

to react, let’s say sooner it’s going to be the both of you, of course there’s a tendency na ma influenced ka…

i know they only want whats best for me so… what’s the big deal??

hahaiz. don’t hate, discriminate.

life’s a bitch. slap it

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