i like him and he likez me… shouldn’t that be enough?

i’m soo sick and tired of people writting MY story. i hate that i don’t have the power to tell them how i feel. if i stand back at watch i know that i’ll end up in tears. and if i choose to take a stand i’ll end up crying and hurting more. but i’d rather see myself crying over something i had total control over other than, cry over something i could’ve changed but i was too scared to.

everyone tells me that the only opinion i should listen to is mine. but the voices in my head are evil. they want tou see me hurt. they want to see me suffer. they want to see other people happy over my misery.

should i hurt over something tha happened in the past that could never happen again or something that i could have yet they are trying to take away from me? i don’t know. you tell me because i’m dying to know.

i need you to tell me everything. i need to know how much you care. when someone else holds my hand… i want to know that you wish that yours were theirs.

i know that some people think that this is just another one. well, maybe it is… but i don’t need them to be all up on my grill. i know that they won’t understand me. i know i’m pretty stupid.

so, just bear with me. i need someone who can do that. can you?

don’t write my happy ending for me. i think i can do that myself

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