Im feeling better now… thankyouverymuch. The week if FINALLY over! i survived my first grading at school and i am soo happy! otz have happened over the past few weeks and i’m soo psyhced to fill you all in. [soory, poor kog spelling.. lamya dayun!]

last week:

July 25-31

well, at MMCH we have these contest every single month [yes, talk about torture] and since last month was nutrition month, we had alot of stuff to do like, jingle making, poster making and all that esay shit. And as usual, Annabella won.   as if you didn’t see THAT coming. So, anyways… i wasn’t excited for the jinggle making concert although there were alot of conflicts revolving around it and like, even if  we did practice really hard. See i was dead scared bout singin in front of the whole school! and if once isn’t enough, i had to do it twice! ka duha! pisting igit! the first one was for the jinggle “sanay masabi sa awit kong ito, lahat ng ninanais nitong puso ko… ” and the second one, dung dung dung dung… was for our band, i had to learn the day you said goodnight in like, 1 night! hey, is it my fault in not goo goo gaa gaa over hale?! So, anyways.. everything was AWESOME. except for the sound system though. messed up shit. tsk tsk. but i’m over it. we won 3rd place which is great cuz like, naa to’y plus points ang pag dedicate ato ni t. lisley. GO FOR THE GOLD.


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