13 Truths and a Lie

There are 14 statements below. 13 of which are true and only 1 is not, can you guess which one it is?

1. Once when I was a little girl, I got in trouble for sticking my middle finger at some random kid.

2. I always dreamt of being a junior dog handler.

3. Sometimes when I’m all alone, I like to think my life is a music video so I act in certain ways that I think would look nice on TV.

4. I am ashamed to sing in the shower.

5. I poo everyday at exactly 6:15 in the morning usually listening to some upbeat music.

6. I have just recently gotten a Skype account and think it is the most useless shit ever.

7. I agree with people when they call me stupid and sometimes use it as an excuse to avoid responsibilities.

8. My biggest peeve is when I don’t spell the words properly or use the right punctuation marks when I send a text message.

9. I used to think that the people on the television could see me. So I never sat with my legs open.

10. I just checked, I have a blood sugar of 129. I heard the normal range is from 80- 120. With this information, I celebrated by drinking some coke.

11. I have never done drugs but I know a fair amount of people who have.

12. I like to sit down and watch reality series and after that bitch about how pathetic the whole thing is.

13. This blog is my life.

14. I am too lazy to bathe.

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