I quit tennis!


Hey, I am like, soo blind right now. I can hardly see the screen or what I’m writing. I’m squinting soo bad now. Argh. I need glasses bad! But most importantly, I need to find someone who would pay for my glasses. LOL. J That’s just how I play… don’t be trippin’.


You heard me right, I quit tennis… no wait, I didn’t actually quit… I just changed my mind on joining the second batch… so I’m not joining anymore. It’s just that simple. Hahaiz. Too tiring and I can have my own lessons, individually, anytime I want, any day I want and it’s only one ride from my house. The second batch just isn’t like the first one and I dunno… I just had to do what my gut was telling me.


i’m busy right now..as always, get back to you guyz.


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