haha. i don;t know why i said that. anyways, today was ayt. i woke up at 5:30 in the morning!! [duh!] to like go online for like 5 minutes and prepare for tennis since nikki and chub came over at like 6:30 [even though d tennis clinic doesn’t start at 9] Ü it was raining HARD. so d clinic was cancelled but when the sun came out at about 9:30, me and justin [this small kid na hilas!!] played for a while. chub played with his sis, lace and nikki with the coach.. or was that the ball boy.. we’ll never know!!  haha.

anyways, it was like soo freaky after tennis cuz me and chub walked to the block of i.t. park and like, there were these street kids chasing us and like people in mini jeeps messin wit us. it was like this nightmare.. except the people were uglier. waaay uglier.  ♥ Nax.♥  we went to school to get my reservation but they wouldn’t let me in for wearrin shorts!! screw them! the guard was just freakin jealous! haha. wtf?! then, chub went to natio to buy stuff for something. dun ask me.  after tha, we went to lil haven to pick up casey and anton.

when we got home, we ate then waited for chub’s mom to pick her up and then.. i went straight to bed! i was soo tired [as i usually always am.]

oh, something cool happened. my old babysitter sent me a message [friendster]. la lang. i asked if i was a pain in the ass and she said that i wasn’t. LoL. but we all know tha ain’t true no more.  she also said that i was smart.. well, i am.. ima smart ass.

uhm, don’t have much to say. so, im out.

much <3. -smaxandbeermugs-.

peace ™

 <- u knew it was wrxng to mess wit me->



[lookin out for the summer boys ;p gotta racket in mah hand and trust me, im not afraid to use it! whaPpack! iMa whoOp yOu lika tEnNis bALL.” just playin ” <or am i?!? >]

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