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hey!! happy new year guys!!::smiley:: i’ve been up all night trying to figure out how this thing works!! angie did a lot of help! i love you angie!! lol anyways, i spent like the whole day with anton, andrea, kristof and gabby.i slept at gabby and kristof’s grandparents place.the whole night was tiring! we talked, played and did stuff you usually do at a sleepover. they asked me like a lot of questions like, “what do you look for in a guy?” or “how many siblings do you have?” haha cute! ::smiley:: we played truth or dare and luckily the bottle never landed on me.. but sadly, anton had to lick the tv! LOL. i feel sorry for the girl that he’ll be frenching!!:) anyways, so like while we were there kristof was all weird [wait. he was and is always weird] “act.” i cant say it here though cuz ma luoy tah sa children!Ü while we were there, their grand daddy like gave us these packs of sea weed and everyone was like “oOoh, seaweed rocks man!” but, i hadn’t tasted it in a while so i was like.. “oOoh, i dUnNo what it tastes like.” so likem nina handed me a pack and when i put the thing in my mouth i instantly wanted to puke! tasted like crap man! and like it smelled funky too! i was like, “why do you guys like it?” and they were all.. “what?! it’s good!” haha. whatever! anyways, so we went to anton and andreas house. i was supposed to be home by that time but we were all gonna go wall climbing so i didn’t go home yet. but then, we found out that the DRIVER wasn’t there! wTf?! so.. i chatted with kathya, my dad, maureen and shell. we used the webcam and kris a,k,a william stripped for kathya!:) kathya totally flipped when she saw andy’s mini iPod! dAmn! who wouldn’t?! LOL. anyways, so the rest of the afternoon was..well.. yea.. it so, so..:) when i got home, i called chub and i found out bout what happened with her and ____ aHhHhhhhHHHHH..!!!!! jEaLouSy!!

at like 8 we wwent to my grandma’s at i went to mass.. it was soo fun!

cuz like me, angie and chastine went together.. as always. and angie and chazzy came in skirts and i was the only _wun_ in jeans so, i teased them like hell! paback for christmas cuz i wore a halter and they teased me! sweet revenge! we did this really embarassing thing there pa dyud cuz like while angie was takin communion, [i can but i didnt want to..] me and chaz decided to like ditch her and hide behind this tamaraw. BAD IDEA!! cuz like when angie found us we were laughing soo damn hard that chaz slammed heer hand on top of the tamaraw and the alarm went off and hell! was it loud! like, BBBBBBBBBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! LOL. we ran so fast! hahaha. so damn funny, man! cuz everyone was like starring at us. ahaha. after mass we all went walking around, angie stayed at our house for a while and we went to her house to play BbAll.. imagine, angie in a skirt playing BbaLL. whattah sight! so at like 11 something i had to go home cuz the fireworks would start going ogg and it would be hard to get back. we caught up with bryan, jude and their other friends. they were all skate boarding. haha. the rest of the night was boring esp. cuz we didnt have any fireworks or anything. just POP POPS. s0o0o0o lame! haha. i sworew that i was on strike so i didn’t sleep. [not that i was going to anyways!] me and angie stayed up all morning chatting. its was FUN cuz we talked ab0ut..oh.. sTufF! we ended at like 7 but i slept at 8. gotta make a new entry for today. hoLLah!Ü <3UmUch, issaÜchua

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