25 things about me

1. i could most probably be the one of the dumbest people you know. and i’d proli be on the top of that list. here’s an example: one day, i was sitting with my papa and i suddenly said “if you throw hot water on a fire, will it still burn out?”
my mom claims that my brother has formulated more sensible questions. hahaha.

2. i play super paper mario. i play it so much to the point where it’s not even funny anymore. i play it to an extent where i actually start to develop feelings for the characters. i think mario is AMAZING and he has mad skills, i think luigi is gay, i think i’m more appealing compared to princess peach and i feel bad when i have to kill enemies but i find it insanely rewarding when i get to kill the main enemies like bowser 😀

3. i have a hard time spelling. especially when it comes to like double letters. hehe. like let’s say.. opening. this is how i spell it: openning. 😀

4. i’ve only had one boyfriend in my whole life and the only thing i can say after that relationship is that my standards now are nothing compared to what i would settle for before. hehe.

5. i have the tendency to want to run away from my problems. If i could leave cebu just because i wanted to, i would and i proli wouldn’t have regretted it either. if you’ve seen The Perfect Man I’d proli be like Heather Locklear except not THAT bad.

6. i honestly do think that Cebu is too small for me. Dreams don’t come true in here and it’s suffocating. I never wanted to move back here and I’ve constantly wanted to move back to the States. When i finally do get to do that, I proli won’t want to come back either.

7. i claim to be a loner but Kevin says i’m anti-social. and i hate to admit it but he’s right. If anyone would live on a deserted island, that would be ME. well, there’d have to be maid and a mall. and things to actually do. haha. nevermind, i couldn’t live on a deserted island. HAHA.

8. i’ve planned my whole life already. I will go to school, graduate, take my board exam, NCLEX and move to the states. After this i will find a job at a hospital for children with cancer while going to school. and maybe i’ll take a break from being a nurse and try to pursue my dream of being a fashion designer and if all else fails, i could always go back to being a nurse. basta dapat, before i settle down, i would’ve established a good and promising career, i’ve traveled a bit on my own, i’ve gone on a cruise and naka puyo nako on my own. impossible as it may sound.

9. i don’t like it when my food touch each other. if such occassion arises, i would end up loosing my appetite just because i don’t like how my food looks like. 😀 i am also a very picky eater. i don’t like food that has an odd smell and if it looks ugly and dull, i proli won’t eat it either. also, i could eat hamburgers, fries, japanese and pizza every single day of my life if i could. and candy. i’m inlove with candy.

10. my biological father and his wife and kids are coming to Cebu after 12 years. and although i’ve anticipated this moment since godknowswhen, i am also very as in icouldshitinmypantsoutofth

eroof kind of scared. mainly because these people are strangers who have the benefit of being my family. nevertheless, they are still strangers.

11. My daily routine of make up application consists of foundation, concealer [if needed], liquid eyeliner, mascara, blush and bronzer. i also draw on my eyebrows if i have to. if i go to a party, it’s fancier. i get tips on youtube. yes, i depend on youtube for everything.

12. i probably don’t have to say this but i figured i would confirm your conceptions of me. i’m a dork and a loser. but you still love me. and this blog has just doubled my cuteness factor by a gajillion points. am i right? or am i? haha

13. although i am against smoking, i always had this picture in my head that i could grow up being a smoker. i guess i could always imagine myself coming home from work and lighting a cigarette. but then again, i doubt i would ever. i think i just got the idea from watching too many movies. which leads to my 14th fact….

14. i have the tendency to think that my life is a movie. i guess it’s cuz i always have this feeling that someone’s watching me. and idk, llife on the movies are always so much better. often times when me and my ex boyfriend would get into arguments, i would say something “movie-like” and he would always throw me off by saying the wrong thing and i’d end up laying in bed at night and think “wtf” because i couldn’t figure out why i never got that perfect scene in the movies. btw, i’m also crazy.

15. i do not regret what i don’t have or what i lost or what i let go of. i don’t regret anything i’ve done, i don’t regret anything i haven’t done and most of all i don’t regret letting go of one year and nine months. because i would be a terrible mess right now if i still held on. i’m a mess now but at least i’m rising up from the ashes. i’ll be YOUR beautiful disaster. ;] LOL

16. i have tons and tons of notebooks that go from way back. these notebooks are filled with poems, diary entries, songs, drawings and etc. that i’ve written proli since i was in the 3rd grade. from grade 3 to grade 5, i wrote about how i hated my mom for making me do chores. when i got to grade 5 i started to talk about boys and how i had to hide them from my mom [hehe] and how i hated life and how hard things were with my friends and my dad and stuff like that. i grew up very bitter. i don’t even understand why sometimes. haha.

17. the best moment of my entire life was on my 18th birthday when i got to dance with my papa. i
belong in his arms and he’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. i would be the luckiest girl in the world if i could end up with someone even half like him. he really is every girls dream man.

18. i’ve said this million times, i could live in a bookstore and die happy. i love art supplies because their colorful and plus some are glittery. i also like paperclips and pushpins. and i like paper. i often have the urge to buy a notebook just because i feel like it. they all turn into journals or something of the like.

19. i like it when i sound smart. maybe because i do believe am smart despite the fact that he called me stupid every single day.

20. i have A.D.D. or i think i do. hahaha. i have a short attention span which means i bore easily. if i get tired of texting, i won’t reply to you for no good reason. and when i’m bored again, i’ll proli decide to reply. even if it’s the day after. haha.

21. Sometimes i don’t like to take baths. 😀 but i do if i have to. like if i go out. this is why sometimes my mom urges me to get out of the house. so i’m forced to take a bath 😀

22. i secretly want to be an actress. i always have. sometimes i suddenly break into scene. haha. it’s usually the scene from A Cinderella Story. “But i can’t wait for him anymore. Cuz waiting for you is like waiting for rain in this drought. Useless and disappointing.” hehe

23. i can watch friends everyday of my life and love every single piece of it.

24. i get along with boys more than girls. it’s always been that way. girls are a hassle, we have too many issues. issues i’m not always willing to deal with. unlike boys, you actually appreciate it when they fess up. and because you don’t have conversations like this with girls…
kevin: what happens when you run out of food?
issadog_102890: you… don’t eat?
kevin: in your submarine bah
kevin: no, it wasnt a stupid question
issadog_102890: yeah, it was!
kevin: noooo
kevin: its stupid to live in a submarine!!
kevin: youll die and shit cuz theres no fooooood
kevin: unless you go fishing…
issadog_102890: but you’ll sink, dummy!
issadog_102890: or drown.
issadog_102890: wait, sink and drown are the same right?
kevin: no
kevin: i sink in water, but i wont drown
kevin: cuz i can go back up
kevin: why would you sink anywayyy? a submarine floats!
issadog_102890: becuase you’ll fish!
issadog_102890: you’ll have to open the submarine door and water will come in!
kevin: be on the surface of the water when you fish!
kevin: duhhhh!
issadog_102890: hahahahah.
issadog_102890: oh yeah.
issadog_102890: i forgot that you could pass sa taas
issadog_102890: FU!!
kevin: you can ONLY pass from the top!!
kevin: i love the way you think iss

25. i secretly envy miley cyrus. baaaah.

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