i don’t think i’ve been able to update you guys on my life with pictures in a while so i’m giving myself the chance to do just that. only because i finished writing notes pretty early and i deserve the nice blog anyways 😀

So lately, this is what i’ve been up to…


renette’s party

J.Lu’s party

i’ve been to more i just don’t have the pictures yet : /

School [and failing miserably at it]:

Dating THIS guy…..

but ending it a day before we ould even reach a month because:
he’s a model
he doesn’t eat because he’s vain
he kept trying to get in my pants
he’s a dancer
and because i think he’s gay

…. while making out with this guy [AGAIN]:

i seriously have no values anymore. :[

and i never posted it til now but THIS was the first time i made out with Kim Inting:

i think i run to him when i’m drunk.
but only because i’m drunk.

most of the time i am fully convinced that he is secretly gay.
i am just waiting for him to come out of the closet :>

hanging out with my sister from the states:

making youtube videos:


and soccer 🙂

next blog!

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