Just to put your mind at ease, you don’t owe me anything.
You paid me well in memories.

And I sit here staring at your name, wondering if I should talk to you or not. Part of me wants to hold on to what used to be, but the rest of me knows that I really shouldn’t.

And i beleive in chasing memories and holding on to what you think is true. And I believe in climbing rainbows to see what’s on the other side.
[Skye McGibney]

it’s been days since i’ve seen you hours since i’ve talked to you minutes since i last heard your name but yet it has been onlya matter of seconds since i’ve thought of you.

today i realized that i want to be with someone who i can go all out with. someone who i can laugh my head off and run around and be downright ridiculous with. Not somebody who’ll tie me down and tell me to sit quietly and listen. that’s not the type of girl i am. *i act like a kid but i don’t think like one
*i am crazy, *silly and *outrageous and i want you to take me this way. * I DO NOT LIKE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS. *i am hard headed and *spoiled. *I am thrift [chink, hellloooo], *i would like to go to parks and feed ducks there, *i like surprises and *being hugged. *i liked being babied and *i’m not the sweetest,*prettiest girl among the flock but * i’ll make it worth your while. *i like it when people take chances on me because *i like taking chances on people and *falling in love and *sometimes, i like flings but hardly ever. *i would some day like to go to a cemetery and * have a candlelight dinner there. * if you sang for me, i’d be happy, * if you dressed up as a girl and * let me put make up on you- i’d love you forever. and * if you kept my secrets then i’d love you even more.

* i’m a sinner. I sin a lot. * i’m a liar, i lie and tell myself i don’t have feelings for you when in fact, i do. * i am a bad speller but i know how to spell your name in 7 letters – amazing. :]

well you don’t call me baby anymore and you haven’t said you missed me in a while either. You don’t send me kisses and you never call. things’ve changed and i’m not quite sure why. i would like to say that i don’t care because usually i don’t but i’m finding that hard to do because a little piece of me really does and a bigger part wants to know why. if you have somewhere else to be, then leave and i won’t ask why, i won’t even stop you cause if i’m not going to be with you, i might as well be with someone else. and that’s just how it is and that’s how it will always be.

it’s not something i brag about but today 2 guys asked for my number. if i had to choose them over you, i’d choose you in a heartbeat. THIS is how deluded i am now.

someone save me. i need to be saved, i’m not as strong as i thought.

i wish you’d see things the way i see it.

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