I Like Threesomes! (Hunat Sugbo Photo diary)

You know… the swim, bike and ride kind? Dirty minds, dirty minds.

Hi, you already know me as Issa, the “fashion” blogger slash “food” blogger but more importantly as the none stop talker. But I am also Issa the girl :

1. with Mitral Valve Prolapse

2. Pre-diabetes

3.  with Genu Recurvatum

4.  Scoliosis

who likes:

swimming, biking, running, tennis, volleyball, soccer, baseball, ice skating, karate, beer pong (HAHA), ping pong and all those sports.

I started loving sports at a really young age and as much as I can remember my childhood consisted of afternoons spent training on a court or in a pool. On days when I wasn’t training, I was competing in something and most often than not, getting my ass whipped. That’s the trouble when you’re the jack of all trades but a master of nothing. boo.

If you read my bio, which by the way needs updating, I have mentioned my plans on joining a triathlon in due time.

But fast forward to present times, with a busted knee and a months worth of training, I was lucky to have been able to compete along side my friends at the Hunat Sugbu Triathlon last October 6, 2013 at Oslob, Cebu.

Representing TEAM SMILE!

Singlets courtesy of Citi Wear Dress Shop

Together with my 2 good friends, Jeremy Hong (swim) and Kevin Yu (run), we endured the heat, sweat and waves and competed in our very first triathlon relay.

I finally got to take out my bike/ boyfriend, Mr. Glide, and show him what a 40 kilometer bike ride along the gorgeous picturesque roads of Oslob were like. But don’t let me be the one to tell you amazing it was, it’s really something you’ve gotta try out for yourself!

It wasn’t my best biking performance and if you’re ever going to take any piece of advice from me, it should be this:

NEVER try anything new on the day of the race. EXPERIMENTING should be done during training and not during a competition.

Like, don’t try out energy gels 15 minutes before the race if you’ve never done that before. Or you will end up puking. #fml

But it was totally worth it!

With Coach Allelu Casidsid, my swim and bike coach, running buddy and long time friend


With the best boyfriend ever! 🙂

Photo credits to John Borga, TEAM SMILE’S official photographer

Also, if you’re into biking as well, let’s all do something for the community and SIKAD for Bohol. It’s been a really rough week for all of us Cebuano’s and Boholoano’s but god willing, through our reliefs and efforts, maka bangun ta.

SIKAD SUGBO PARA SA BOHOL. TONIGHT at the I.T. Park Grounds at 7:00 pm.

See you there!



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