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In the spirit of growing up, I have finally accepted my fate of taking over the family business. I’ve been a bit on the down low in terms of social media and blogging because I’ve just been trying to find the right balance between being a business owner and a blogger which honestly, has been quite a bit of a challenge for me but don’t fret, we’ll get there! Who knows, I might actually start blogging about business one day, too? We’ll never really know. It’s been a long time coming and it’s definitely took a lot of thought, preparation, crippling fear & anxiety but definitely lots of learning and fun in between!

One of the first things I did when I decided to take on this new responsibility was name my business. I wanted something that reflected my personality, was witty and definitely catchy. With the help of my friends, we eventually landed with Hilo & Stitch Clothing (H&S Clothing).

Many months later, I am an inches away from completing all my requirements and functioning as a legitimate business but of course, not without a signage to seal the deal! I did my research and was pleased to find a signage maker that I can entrust my money in- 3W Outdoor Advertising.

With many respectable clients under their belt, I am 100% confident in their capabilities and am excited to say that not only will Hilo & Stitch be getting a new signage this year but my dreams of having a neon signage for our upcoming wedding will actually come true!

If you are a business owner or aspiring to open your own business one day or simply want something made for kicks, feel free to send 3W Outdoor Advertising Services a private message on their Facebook page or contact them through the following channels:

Landline: 032 326 2560

Mobile: 0925 490 7585


Prices range depending on size, materials and other factors so make sure to specify what you’re looking for upon inquiry! 🙂



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