I’ll Be Speaking On Cebu Creator Day, October 20 (FREE WORKSHOP)!

I know a few of you are going to be pissed at me for only posting this at close to 11 o clock on a Friday night, exactly less than 24 hours before the event itself. Some of you are probably out partying and will chance upon this in the morning and completely hate me but it’s been a looooong week and by the time I was done with all the work that was piling up, all I wanted was to find a spot on the floor and make some Poppin’ Cooking sushi. It was a FAIL, btw.

But ANYWAYS, I’ll be giving a free talk on October 21, 2017 at Robinson Fuente for Cebu Creators Day!

I’ll be talking about how you can maximize social media platforms for your creative outlets and I’ll be touching on how you can promote your work and the like.

TBH, my slides are very short and bare because I have intended a sit down, chill sesh with all of you. Also, I had to make 2 sets of slides this week and I simply do not have the brain capacity anymore. But I still love you!

Register here

See you tomorrow guys!

I like coffee, animals & candy!

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