it’s a tuesday and yes, i’m on the internet. yipee. but only for homework and projects. wink wink ;P

i have a new business now, selling candy and that’s all thanks to chabel. thankyou, love. soo far, soo good. i’ve even gotten the teachers to buy my goods. lmao. i actually went to colon for this candy. props, yo.

i’m drowning in school work and on top of all that, bayot’s leaving and i haven’t found the time to visit stc to see her or anything. soo busy gyud and by dismissal i’m drained to the point where i can’t even stand up. it sucks. but junior year will quickly be over and so will two years and soon after, bayot’ll be back. *starts getting depressed* everyone’s leaving 🙁

anyways, i wrote a poem. a very long one about a little girl and a little boy [or 2. hehe] comments if you wanna read THAT one ;p

but here,

* so why blame me for falling?
because, sorry isn’t enough, girls have jealous hearts and all ex-boyfriends are off-limits. no matter what the circumstances are. </3

* “don’t go for him, he’s a player…”
“don’t go for her, she’s a slut…”
but they don’t care.. they just wanna be together <3

* she believes in love but love doesn’t seem to believe in her </3

* i think too much or don’t think at all. you turn away, and the more i fall </3

* why hate me for telling the truth? why not hate me for hiding it for soo long? /:) [this is all i have to say]

*rain ON me. rain FOR me. besides, it’s already raining IN me.

* i’ve messed down and burned down. && there’s no one ese to blame but myself

i have to do homework now.

madd love

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