Cebu Fashion Feature: Alex Eturma

I’ve known Alexandra Eturma, who goes by Alex E. (emphasis on the E.) for a long time. But not as long as she’s been sketching, which started at a young age where she would adorn her grandmothers’ office walls with.

She was probably around this age:

Photo: Miga ta ayaw ko patya hahaha

Stylish even back then 🙂


I first met her in grade school where I perceived her as the quiet skinny introvert with a knack for art- I had a rude awakening. Fast forward to present times, Alex E. describes herself as someone who is chatty and energized at times and dreams of being a mermaid. I was head on about the skinny part, though. She says she cannot NOT eat at least every two (2) hours and that she’s a coffee zombie. I wish I had her metabolism. -.-


At 21 years old, she is currently taking up Fashion Design at the University of San Carlos and is gracing while at the same time, is being graced with the soon-to-be big fishes of the fashion industry of our motherland.

But I guess her love for fashion started at an even earlier age, having been influenced by Amber Heard, Rooney Mara, Kristen Stewart, Mary-Kate Olsen, Emma Watson and Pauline Prieto- all whom our generation has pretty much grown up with. So for her fourth year high school graduation ball, she did what every girl wished they could do and designed her own ball gown and she hasn’t stopped putting her creations to life since.


During her academic years, Alex has been able to join Maribago Bluewaters Beach Resorts designing contest wherein they had to incorporate recycled materials into a design. With her love for mermaids in mind, she made use of used curtains, bottle caps, rope, nylon and a fishing net to create a beautiful mermaid-like dress which bagged the 2nd place. Recently, she also styled Sun Stars Back to School Special, showing off her amazing styling skills. I was definitely grinning with jealousy at that article. HAHA.


Alex dreams of taking full advantage of her prowess in terms of fashion and art. She plans on owning her own boutique, retail in RTWs and even lingerie! Aside from that, she aspires to become a freelance photographer, stylist and even design and sell furniture at the same time. That’s definitely a well thought out of future, friend! If you thought that wasn’t enough, she also dreams of owning her own drive-in theater that shows old movies.


With all these things under her belt, Alex still believes that “you shouldn’t try too hard.” In her opinion, if you’ve got, you’ve got it and that you shouldn’t worry about getting it right every single time. Spoken like a true blue trooper!


So what does this wide eyed dreamer do on the side? You know, when she’s not making plans and dreaming of Europe, living in tiny villages there, taking lots of pretty pictures, buying local fabrics and making great friends? Easy. She enjoys listening to music, watching old movies, chilling at Cafes, thrift shopping, sketching and/ or cozying to a good book! When she’s feeling adventurous, she enjoys going on long drives while playing loud music with her friends and loved ones. But of course, there always has to be food. We can never forget that!


Alex E. is definitely living my dream life. She’s got the talent and she’s making her way to the top with her evident talent. With practice, hard work and dedication- it won’t be long ‘til she’ll be walking the ramps of fashion shows and getting everything she wants in life.

By the way, she also wants a tiger 😉


To contact Alex Eturma, you may contact her through:

Cell phone: 0923 180 0313


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