always at the bottom

i refuse to be with someone who constantly makes me feel like i’m always at the bottom of his list.
like the way you make me feel ALL THE TIME BAH.

my PBB TEENS experience:
yawa gyud aie. hahaha. sakit kay’s dughan bai
director: [after a few ques.] wait, ilang taon ka na ba talaga?
me: uhh… 18?
dir: eh, anong ginagawa mo dito?
me: i’m not ready to be a part of the adults…
dir.: hindi talaga pwede eh..

nganu nag teens man gyud ko oie. i really hate myself right now. haha.

no, i actually don’t care.

i’m sunburnt.

from now on i will only date older men. not guys older by a few months. older gyud. BAHALA NAMO.

i see my friends do it and they’re happy.

older men is where the 🙂 and <3’s are.

di bitaw. i’m anti dating.

no moooooooooooore kay pareha ramong tanan!

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