An Attempt at Corporate Dressing

I’ve never been good at corporate dressing but when I was asked to return to my high school alumni to give a career talk, I had to at least try.

Luckily, I had just gotten this checkered (?) skirt from a friend after having eye-d it during our Taiwan trip and I was more than eager to take it out for a spin. I decided to make this my main piece of clothing and dress around it, trying my best to make sure that everything was coercive with one another. As you can tell, I had put on some weight during this time (these shots were taken some time November) so I tried to look slimmer by pairing my look with lots of black. I honestly don’t know what I’ve been doing/ eating lately but I’ve been swelling up like a MF. ugh.

It’s taken me some time to post this but I figured I’d upload it and at the same time share some shots from the talk I gave. Thank you for having me over, MMIS, it was nice to be back and not remembered as the girl who never came to class because she was always hiding in the computer lab playing text twist. lol. yeah, that was me.

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