An Open Letter To My College Self

Dearest eEesSuh (because this is how we USED to spell our name),

You are about to experience what will feel like the worst 4 years of your life but trust me when I say this: although a big part of this will still remain true in the future, it really wasn’t that bad.

Your college experience is going to be a lot different than what you had envisioned it to be because it will not be surrounded with lots of pretty rolls of cloth, tracing paper, draping or designing as you had originally wanted- instead, majority of you college years will be spent in a hair bun (kept together with A LOT of gel), a well-kept uniform, needles and sick people instead.


I know the decision to take nursing over a fashion designing major is as far-fetched as far-fetched can get but the first thing you need to come to terms with is that you are not the only person who had to temporarily but their dreams on hold. The keyword here is temporarily.

As you get to know more people in your short time in college, you will eventually realize that 80% of your peers also share the same sentiments and whether it was because of pressure, the American dream or mere indecisiveness- you are not alone. This truth should teach you a lesson in perseverance amidst adversity which we will discuss more later on…

Right now it must feel like the world is not on your side and that nobody trusts your decisions or sees your true potential. Wrong. The people you love are looking out for you and in a way, they are even setting the bar higher for you. You might not appreciate it now, but when this is all over, you will. You really will. So instead of giving up, try taking this as a challenge and see how far you can go in a situation that you dislike. In other words, make the universe work in your favor. Join a club, audition for the dance troupe, sign up for the choir, run for officer, participate in class- succeed in the ways you’ve always succeeded when the odds were in your favor. Never let the light inside of you burn out because that’s always the one thing you’ve taken pride of in yourself- your passion, your heart, your dreams. There is no reason to stop being that person.


Don’t be afraid to make new friends and stop hiding behind the thought that it’s pointless because you have nothing in common with anyone there. Remember that girl who you constantly catch drawing anime figures in her notebook instead of paying attention in class? Well, she eventually becomes an animator after this. Or that girl who always comes to class with a full face of makeup? She now owns a make up retailing outlet. Or what about that timid boy who secretly carries around a drawing book in his bag? He’s a designer now. And you, who constantly spent hours adoring clothes online or writing in her journal… you become so much more than your fears. There is so much more beyond the surface that you will never know of unless you get out of your comfort zone. Remember, people will surprise you and the same goes for yourself.


The harsh reality is that you’re already here whether you want to be or not and quite frankly, giving up is not and has never been an option for you so you might as well enjoy the ride. The best thing you can ever get out of this is the lessons you’ve learned whether if it’s about human anatomy, taking care of a child, caring for the sick and even for the dead. These are all things that you are privileged to learn so get off your high horse and realize as early as now that these lessons will become useful for you one day. The day will come when someone you love will fall ill and that is the day you will look back and say, “I’m lucky to have learned this” and surprisingly, it will come sooner than you think. So digest every bit of information that you can after all, no one who has learned has ever lost.


Another thing I would want to tell you is to always be kind to the people around you. Your teachers don’t want to spend their evenings at a hospital as much as you do- they’ve got families of their own, things they’d rather be doing, a life they’d rather be living rather than having to watch over a bunch of “kids” so keep that in mind the next time you throw a temper tantrum or decide to be snotty. Their jobs don’t define them as much as your college major does not define you. The bottom line here is respect.

There are a million of things I would like to talk to you about but 1 blog entry will never suffice so instead, we are going to outline a few important things to remember as we enter a new dimension. Please keep these following points in mind:

  • Always, ALWAYS back up your files. Take photos, scan and photocopy important documents and keep them in a safe place. You will appreciate this when you’re 4 months away from graduation and you lose your requirement notebook that took 2 years to comply. It’s not like you weren’t forewarned.
  • All-nighters rot your brain. Get some shut eye.
  • READ. Instructions, your books, your notes, messages- everything!
  • Invest in a good planner and organize your classes, activities, study periods and your personal breaks. College can be chaotic, learn how to conquer that warzone.
  • Do not attend class drunk or have someone sign your class attendance sheet ESPECIALLY if you’re not planning on attending that class on that day. Nuff said.
  • Take an initiative.
  • Learn how to enjoy the journey.
  • Make friends with the older kids, they are a Godsend!

Everyone says that college is one of the best times in a person’s life because this is the time where we get to explore, make mistakes and discover ourselves in the process. If you’re ever wondering about the adventures and the mistakes… well, you experience a million of them- fights, heartbreaks, terror teachers, horror stories, you name it! But it’s really the discovering part that makes it all truly worthwhile and let me tell you, you come out of this alive and kicking! So cheer up!

One of the most important lessons that you should constantly keep in mind whether you’re in college or clawing your way through the working world is to stop worrying about the future. Prepare for it, yes. Spend every waking minute stressing over what tomorrow may bring, no. Little girl, let the present worry about the present and the future worry about the future. You will eventually be able to do the things you said you’ve always wanted to do, not because the universe allows it but because you will never allow the universe to have it any other way. You just need to take it a day at a time.


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All My Love,

Issa of 2016 (we spell our name like normal people now)

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