baby, it’s been a while

omg, the LAMEST game EVER!!

well, it seemed like a nice game at first. despite the bad graphics and everything. my bad.

i love saturdays. especially when i’m not spending it at home. well, it wouldn’t matter if i was at home just as long as i get to spend it with James. haha. as if you didn’t know that i would say that. he’s going to pop up eventually. ;P

he had some college NSTP thing to go to and i woke up to wake him up cuz idk, i just felt like doing it for him. then i went back to sleep and woke up a n hhour or something later and then got ready for church and then left. i survived on a hundred pesos today. my god, i’m really learning how to stretch money now. lol.

bible study was the usual. caesar showed up today which was a shocker. you know, with him just getting out from the hospital from a bad car accident. man, that boy must REALLY love god. lol.

then we had lunch, stayed for a while, got bored. realized that i was wasting my time there , got up, left, met lagz at ayala 🙂

i liked spending time with him at ayala. we just hung out at tropikal relik with chab and the guys. it was fun. i missed those guys. never get to hang out with them anymore. chab and ken keep fighting. tsk. haha.

plus, we discovered that if i stood behind him, he could cover my whole body! THAT’S how tiny i am! lol.

i know i said i like it when he hugs me, right? now i also like it when i hug him from behind and when he kisses me on the forhead. i know for some people that would be disappointing but i like it. it makes me feel like a little girl and i have no problems with feeling like a little girl. i actually like it.

speaking of being a big ass baby:
yesterday was really funny. douglas brought newspapers to school and idk but for some reason, i was really drawn to it. haha. so i brought to the back of the classroom and did this position and read it.

so there i was minding my own business when i notice a bunch of people, including my homeroom teacher, teacher brazil, laughing at the side of the classroom with a camera in her hand. lol. i’m too cute for me to even handle sometimes. it’s like a disease. HAHAHAHAHA. OMG, KILL ME NOW. I WAS KIDDING!

so anyways, i had like, the perfect plan to go out today. i told mommy that i was going to play tennis today at 4-6 [which was true, mind you] and yeah,i’d go home by myself after. see, james plays soccer at the same place i play tennis so it was perfect. i didn’t really get to play though but it’s ayt, i got to see james play and it was fun. 🙂
plus we played catch for a while. even better. the bitch threw a ball at my boob though. these things get in the way. i swear to god, most of the time i hate them.

mayjoy was supposed to sleep over but the lezboe’s at paseo. i hate her. grrr..

well, aside from that there’s not much to talk about right now. only that i’ve been missing james soo much lately and today’s like, 2 months since church camp. is it me or does it feel like forever?

gtg. going to play text twist til i go home. mwah!

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