I Can’t Stomach This

What is that thing you get when there’s too air much on your stomach that causes a great amount of flatulence? What is it, what is it, what is it?

I’m scared I might get that one day.

But most of all, I fear that I may never get the bod to fully and confidently sport a crop top. WHY WAS I NOT BORN WITH ABS?!?

Posing in this ratchet top was really a struggle. I don’t know why I ever thought it was OK to pose with it, much more to actually go out in broad daylight in it (I blame the heat!). And let me tell you something, you can try to hide a belly as much as you want but when it comes down to it, if you have it, it’s eventually going to pop! As seen here…


I got a lot of beef for buying these hammer pants (aka sagging crotch pants) from i don’t know… ALL my friends. They pointed out how much it wasn’t in style, how it is soo difficult to wear and how incredibly ugly they were, but I just couldn’t resist. Plus, they were only P 250.00 atĀ Gaisano CarcarĀ (the ONLY place I shop at anymore) so I figured it wouldn’t be such a painful investment if I decided never to wear it again.

I decided to pair my harems with a cropped top because (…Paolo isn’t around to tell say “you can’t wear that!”) I thought it would be a good combination of tight and baggy. I always try to add a little volume (?) to my clothes by mixing it up like that. For example, tight jeans = loose shirt, leggings = oversized shirt, etc. That way I don’t look like a lumpia roll or a garbage bag.

The crop top may have been a bit revealing so when I went out that evening to have drinks with a friend, I switched to a longer crop top instead. Conceal, don’t feel.

Here are other ways to sport hammer pants:


And here’s how to hide.that.belly…

Behind a screen door!

Have a great Sunday, everybody!



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  1. angay ra jd iss!! and dghan kaayo ngsul.ot ug ingon ana dri..i dont though..dli nako keri..haha

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