Cats & Dogs feat.


2015_0822_04200500 2015_0822_04204600

A chill day requires a chill outfit which mostly consists of a loose top; usually shorts but in this case, pleather leggings; awesome stand out flats; some quirky piece of jewelry and my favorite accessory- Barbie, the pomoodle!

This is what I wore this weekend to the Mercado Central bazaar at the Parkmall (check out my Instagram @issaplease to find out what I got!) while with my family.

Comfort is definitely everything but just cuz you’re comfortable doesn’t mean that you can’t stand out. I know mismatched shoes are quite a bold statement to make but when they’re cats & dogs, they’re kind of hard to say no to but it definitely spiced up my outfit by a million times!

2015_0822_04200900 2015_0822_04203900 Awesome cat and dog mismatched flats from


Storm Trooper lego necklace from Lilila Primitive Art

2015_0822_04224700 Til the next dog day,


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