come home

some people look at the moon and think that it’s a chunk of cheese. some think it simply luminates the world. but when i look at it, i unno, i think it’s the only thing that keeps me alive. looking at it gives me assurance of tomorrow and another shot to make things right. even if right now, i don’t know what i have to make right and i have no idea if there’s anything wrong or anything left to make right. i’m like, the pinay version of clueless. no, not really. scratch the hot bod, flowing in cash, hot boyfriend, gorgeous face… uhm, i guess i’m not so clueless afterall. maybe i’m just… weird. lmao. i’ll live with that :p

anyways, i do not know what the hell that emo shit was about. lmao. but anyways, yeah. i’m at a point where i’m just tired and i’m emo because i can be. lmao.

gtg <3

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