Crafted To Perfection: Tanduay Asian Rum x Kenneth Cobonpue Launching in Cebu

The Philippine’s world class recognition is represented through many aspects that are proudly Pinoy whether it’s furniture, music, food and now our very own Tanduay Asian Rum.

For this brand, Tanduay Asian Rum chose to partner with Cebu’s pride, Kenneth Cobonpue, because of his embodiment of the brand’s tagline: “crafted to perfection”. Cobonpue’s advances in the world of design truly demonstrates a talent that is pure, raw and proudly Pinoy which also perfectly represents this brand.



Kenneth Cobonpue has always been a globally-recognized Filipino talent through his furniture craftsmanship and designs. Starting with a humble beginning but with a burning passion and ambition to showcase Filipino heritage worldwide, Kenneth was able to craft the Philippine name with his designs through resilience and hard work throughout the years. Kenneth’s eye for details and achievements in carrying Filipino pride made him the perfect partner of Tanduay’s globally clamored Asian Rum.


Cobonpue’s emblem for the brand incorporated ingenious Filipino elements that showcase craftsmanship, resourcefulness and creativity of Filipinos. This marks his trust to co-bear the Asian Rum which is truly why he deserves to be this brands newest ambassador!





Drink moderately,

Issa Perez

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