Don’t Phase Me

well. I’ve been on duty for a while. School actually started a week EARLIER than everyone else’s so that we could accommodate the duty schedules and so that it wouldn’t be TOO confusing- or something. My first duty was at this community named Guizo which is actually the end of the sewage system for a bunch of different barangays in the area which means everyone shit basically flows into their river and it ALWAYS smell super foul.

Most of the people there use an Antipolo bathroom system which is basically a hole in the middle of their floor where they do their business. Their junk then falls down to the river and ultimately causes all the funky shit going on there.
Couldn’t find a picture but i’m pretty sure you have the idea floating around in your head.

Next week i’ll be assigned at the OR-DR of mactan doctors hospital which is basically on another island near Cebu and it usually takes around an hour to get there. 🙁 But duty is at 2- 10 which is actually my first experience at the PM shift so i’m pretty stoked about that. New experiences.

I love all my duty mates this semester because it’s a  mix of my old duty mates and they were pretty cool. There’s no one there that i actually hate but then there are a few people i don’t really feel comfortable talking with but whatever :

Me and paolo just celebrated our 4th monthsary and although we do fight occasionally, it’s never anything major anymore. Of course i do get annoyed about the whole trust issue and although I shouldn’t be blaming myself for this, i do take A LOT of credit for him being like this.  Knowing all the things i’ve done in the past… who wouldn’t? People ultimately think i’m some skank hore around here which is kind of how i acted before anyways. But i’m just trying to fix myself. Not for them but because i know i’m better than what they think.

i’m rambling. Bye

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