Drama for the Mama

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Is it because you don’t feel the way
That I do?

I wish you knew how my insides feel whenever I’m with him. I wish you knew exactly how it feels like when it’s just me and him and I don’t have to care about who I am or about who I should be around him. I wish it wasn’t so hard for you to accept that I’m happy and I finally feel like I’m worth more than I really am because no one makes me feel like that except him.

I wish you’d at least consider the possibilities of me being with someone and not block me out or push me away from them because of the mistakes you’ve made and the mistakes you think I’d make because I’m not you, I know more and it’s not just lust and I doubt it’s anything more than the real thing.

I wish I could tell you how happy he makes me feel and how I see myself being with him for a long time. Is it wrong to be in love? Because this is the best I’ve ever felt.

I don’t expect you to understand and accept everything because I know that you’re not going to do that. I know for a fact that you’re not going to just let me win but I’m telling you… I’m not letting go.

I asked God for something I’ve wanted for a long time. I asked God for something that I’m supposed to have, something that’s supposed to be mine and mine alone and I really do feel that He gave me him. And honestly, I don’t think that God would just give me something so beautiful for no good reason.

I’m keeping this. I wish you’d let me keep him.

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