Easy Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner and if you’re not already prepared for it, that most likely means that you’ll be running around on Hallow’s eve itself frantically trying to figure out what to wear. Fret not, I, potentially the laziest person (when I want to be) have come up with a few simple, creative and borderline generic Halloween costumes for you to use this year.

Truth be told, I’ve been racking my brain with what to create this year and I would’ve wanted it to be more “pop culture” specific including your favorite Snapchat filters, trends and loved characters but… life happened. I got busy, tired and eventually lazy to prepare for this post so this one will have to do. I’m sure all my 20 something young professional readers can understand. #priorities

Having said all of this, I’m semi-proud & semi- ashamed to admit that I will not be celebrating Halloween this year because I’ve decided to just chill out and enjoy turning 26. But if I had decided to go out, you would’ve caught me in a mermaid piece to match my hair. If you have blue hair like I do, you’re welcome for the idea!

Moving on, here are my extremely easy, last minute Halloween costume ideas! ENJOY!


Pajama Baby.

Okaaay, I don’t actually know what a pajama baby is… I just needed to call this look something. But name games aside, when are you ever going to have a good excuse to leave the house in your favorite pair of pajamas? Never. Take advantage of it and dress up in your favorite nighties!



If you’ve got a fancy dress lying around, it’s time to take it out; throw on a fake tiara; over accessorize and call yourself a princess. This costume is best worn with a handsome prince or a reliable butler. Personally, I prefer the latter.


The Gypsy.

Gypsy, Hippie, any excuse to wear your loosest pieces of clothing + fringe…

This look plus some metallic gold temporary tattoos will make you look like you just popped out of #coachella. Find the sun, young one. Or whatever it is you kids say these days. I never know.


The Fashion Blogger (or should I say, BLAGGEERRRR)

Nuff said.

An alternative to this is to wear as many trends as you can, all at the same time, obnoxiously ask people to take your picture and flat lay as many things as you can for that comedic value.

Do I act like this on a normal basis? I don’t know… you tell me.



Issa P.

p.s. Please tag me on instagram (@issaplease) should you use any of these. I would love to see your version of these looks <3

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