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Men’s Issue for Zee Magazine


Island Souvenirs Cut and Style Ambassador


Drift Stories Blogger Spotlight

Let’s Stylize

Unspoken Rules S2: "Maling Akala"

Sa ngiti at sa ganda nabighani ka na. Hinawakan ka lang, akala mo gusto ka niya. Nag-saya lang kayong dalawa, may ibig sabihin na pala. Kaso hindi sa lahat ng oras, tama ka. Lahat ng bagay, pinag-aaralan. Hindi pwedeng mabilisan. Kung ayaw mong maniwala, handa ka dapat masaktan. 'Wag kang mahuhulog sa taong kakakilala mo lang. #UnspokenRulesAn Adober Studios Production: Unspoken RulesActors: Maxell Muldez and Issaplease PerezSupporting Actors: Alem Garcia, Kiddie Rodaje and Nap Retubado Jr.Director: Xian TobiasAssistant Director: Beverly CumlaExecutive Producer: Dennis LimProducer: Rai ClementeAssociate Producer: Pancho ManiquisWriter: Beverly CumlaProduction Manager: Issaplease PerezProduction Designer: Ritchie Roberto, Angelica Dian Lafiguera and Pancho ManiquisCinematographer: Rai Clemente and Xian TobiasVideo Editor: Mars ArroyoProduction Assistant: Pancho ManiquisMusical Director: Jorge Juan Wieneke VScorer: Lean OrdinarioSpecial Thanks to:Terrazas de FloresNew Susing's GuitarMezzo HotelBe the first to know what's new. Subscribe to our channel – bit.ly/AdoberStudiosFollow us on Facebook, Twitter and InstagramFacebook – bit.ly/AdoberStudiosFBTwitter – bit.ly/AdoberStudiosTwitterInstagram – bit.ly/AdoberStudiosIG

Posted by Adober Studios on Saturday, October 7, 2017

Lead role for Adober’s Studios Original Series: Unspoken Rules: Maling Akala


Something fun and exciting is coming! 🎁🎉🙌#OMG #OhMyGoodness #ComingSoon

Posted by OMG on Thursday, April 26, 2018

Model for OMGroceries

Fashion Feature for Sun Star

Featured Seller for Influencity

Model for Let’s Stylize

Featured Seller for Threadcycle 2

Featured Influencer for PDB

Speaker for USJ-R Digitized: Responsible Content Creation

Featured Blogger for SEEBHL Bazaar, Bohol

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting and indoorAmbassador for My Greek Taverna

Be inspired by Vlogger, Blogger, Writer, Podcaster, Resident Rich Girl of Cebu – IssaPlease I #PassionPreneur Ep 34

On today's episode, let us take a peek at how a #real influencer – Issaplease that is based in Cebu makes a living through Social media, word of mouth, and the online world.Honestly, we are shocked at how systematic, organize, and dynamic IssaPlease is as a #PassionPreneur. She plans her content really well and her creativity is so natural that it's almost effortless. More importantly, we invite you to open your eyes to this "new world". Where the new stars are the vloggers, wherein there is no limit to income, content, strategies, and even topics you can talk about.#certified #passionpreneur #richgirlofcebu #vlogger #fashionicon #blogger #podcaster

Posted by Passion Cafe TV on Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Passionpreneur Interview

What's Hot in CEBU

HA PODCAST EPISODE 7 with Issa Perez📌MORE CONTENT HERE: https://www.youtube.com/hansandresSHOP ONLINE 👉 https://goo.gl/D7hdg6

Posted by Hans Andres on Friday, April 27, 2018

HA! Interview with Hans Andres

Zero Three Two Interview

MMIS ICT & Marketing Summit 2017International Podcast Day

Speaker for Cebu Creators Day

Enter The Warehouse at your own risk

Are you ready to enter The Warehouse? Discover what awaits you when you enter at your own risk by watching this video of b/vloggers Issaplease Perez, Ching Sadaya and Glenn Abucay. Don't forget to turn up the volume 🔊The Warehouse is open starting October 6 until November 5, 2017 from 2PM to 10PM. Tickets are at Php50/head. Like the official Parkmall page and keep posted for details on how to win VIP Tickets. See you at #TheWarehouseAtParkmall. #ParkmallCebu

Posted by Parkmall on Saturday, September 30, 2017

Actress for The Warehouse: Parkmall

Speaker for Sprockets

JCI Speaker for Men’s Fashion

Model for

Model for Rustic Step

Cebu Ambassador for Palmolive

Model for ZeroThreeTwo

Model for G-Shock

Dear Adobers, paano kalimutan ang taong naging mundo ko na?

Heto nanaman tayo muli sa kwentuhan tungkol sa mga problema ng puso! Andito ang mga Cebuano Adobers na sina Jomie Hospital 2.0, Miah Vlog, Alem Garcia, Anne Cruz, Glenn Abucay – Bisaya Vlogger, Carlo Andrew Olano, at Raine Colubio para sagutin ang inyong mga katanungan. #DearAdobers Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and InstagramFacebook – http://bit.ly/AdoberStudiosFBTwitter – http://bit.ly/AdoberStudiosTwitterInstagram – http://bit.ly/AdoberStudiosIG

Posted by Adober Studios on Monday, October 16, 2017

Featured Creator for Adobers Studio Original Series: Dear Adobers



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