First of Summer

by ryan collina

geez, i hope this entry get’s featured on that xanga thinggy. lol.
crosses fingers (X)

it’s already the second day of summer and i’m enjoying every second of it. yesterday i got to spend the whole day with the brother. i helped him studying and then i played power rangers, spiderman and hide and seek with him. it was soo funny. lol.

and i got to watch tv which is something i was never able to do when school started cuz i was always busy.  wowowee makes me happy 🙂

i woke up early today and fixed my closet. well, i’m in the process of it anyways. right now there are 8 stalks of clothes on my floor. going out pants/ shorts, going out tops, tennis shirts, house shorts, house shirts, tops i’d never wear , bottom i’d never wear and mommy’s clothes. yeah, i think i’d OCD like that. haha.

chabel might come over today. might lang. she’s still trying to sneak out. lol. it’s kinda funny though. like before, i used to hate the fact that chabel or any of my friends for that matter would sneak out cuz i knew it was bad but now, i’m just like, what the hell, sneak out fast and get your fat ass over here. lol. i love life. i love summer 🙂

oh btw, i never got to update everyone about the beach. it was fun as hell. i just got bitten by jellyfish. damn things.

From: Franxiz

Subject: ..
Message: me..with my cuz’s prob..haha..theres this
girl that he liked daw and ths girl, made his scrap book project and
that girl slept till 7a.m daw..she girl waves to him sweetly in
person..and one more thing..she’s so friendly in person but if ever my
cuz texts this girl, she replies but sooooo dry..also sa y.m daw..what
does this mean man?? any word from u??hehe..luoy a.u..kaw ra akng ma
approach in terms of this kind of probs..;) hpe u can help me with my
cuz’s prob..

fuck. i hate francis. he sent me this through friendster. pisti.

i hate how he ended things with me and now he just comes back and acts like nothing happened like we can be friends again without even bothering to talk about everything that happened between us. where’s the justice in that? no, i’m not going to let him win because he’s a dumbfuck and i hate dumbfucks. i hate kc, too. i hate that bitch. she’s such a motherfucking bitch. argh.

changes topic

i heard i must be emo today. shit, it’s humorously annoying. lol.

what made my day: my new baby phat shirt. 😀

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