fuck marc!

god, i hate boys and i hate everything they do
and i hate people who pounce on the guys we let go at the very second that we do.
but god, can i blame her?
that boy was easy
not to mention, sleezy.

but i’m done with him
and she can entertain herself with
my leftovers.

because i’m done with those,
you’re my life and everything’s.
his i love you’s and
i miss you’s and
 i wish you were here’s
and all that shit.
honey, i’ve heard it all the first time
and what will you hear?
the exact things he told me.

is that what you really want, honey?
pfft, you always would settle for second best anyways.

so don’t go around telling people tht we’re friends,
cuz you’re a coniving little skank bitch whore.

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