Full Metal Jacket (AKA Female Jacket)

[Cover up: Meg]
[Top: Mango| Bandeau: Maze| Skater Skirt: Fashion Diary| Flats: SM Department Store]
Like The Kat’s Meow, who’s look I have yet to steal, I am in love with the whole skater skirt trend and how versatile it’s become allowing petite girls to pull them off as well. Contrary to popular belief, skater skirts on petite ladies, or anything waist hugging tended to cut down the torso rather than elongate it. But in a world where I don’t care for looking tall- wearing high waist skirts, shorts, peplum and baby doll dresses are the least of my problems. What a dream it would’ve been to be a towering 6 feet tall but God is just and I guess, all 5 feet of me aren’t that bad either. There are just some trends that you need to find out for yourself. 😉
What I particularly like about this skater skirt is that it’s made of faux leather which adds a bit more pizzazz to the trending style. I’ve been seeing a lot of black leather (that was sold out) and pastel colors that didn’t appeal on me so much but this bullet type of silver definitely had my name on it!
If you’re searching for the perfect skater skirt for you, you should definitely check out Fashion Diary, where they’ve got an extensive collection of skater skirts and gorgeous clothes to complete your look! From velvet, more metallic and whatnot, if only I wasn’t on a budget I would’ve splurged a whole months earning on skirts and skirts alone. I feel my feminine side seeping through- excuse me while I find my balls.
Balls in check, allow me to talk about something more masculine… Full Metal Jacket! This team consisted of three crazy, cool and really down to earth guys, Mark, Jan and Franky, helped us shoot and edit the second episode of The Cooking Fashionistas. If you check out their channel, FMJ Co., you’ll see how talented they are and how much they enjoy Ninjas, explosions and erm… Cupcakes.
Here are some of the behind the scene shots from this Manic Monday!
For more details, keep posted!
p.s. Thanks to The Third for my outfit shots, as always!! 🙂

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