General Decorum When Ordering Apparel

Please allow the bitch inside of me to release itself of all constraints held against her. I’m really not in the right place, emotionally right now and well… If you ever decide to place an order, I hope you keep this valuable piece of information in mind:

1. Be aware of your timeline and deadlines. Please do not place an order and suddenly drop the bomb on us and say that you suddenly need ALL of them by the end of week expecting that I will drop all my other clients and deadlines just for you.

2. Pay your debts. This goes for both us and the clients. Debt is never good. I would never wish on anyone’s life especially on mine to owe anyone anything.

3. If you are the contractor and you set the deal with your own client, DO NOT GIVE THEM MY NUMBER. The nerve you have to give my number to YOUR client because you simply DIDN’T WANT TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH THEM ANYMORE!! Oh my God, how dare you ever…

I’m going to change my number after this.

4. Stick to your original order. Don’t suddenly change your orders in the middle of production. A referee doesn’t suddenly change the rules. NO ONE DIED AND MADE YOU GAY KING BITCH OF THE WORLD. Get real, bitch.

5. DON’T ASSUME THAT I RUN A MAGICAL SWEATSHOP! REAL people make your orders, it takes TIME to make it and if you think that they just pop out of your asses, you’ll have another thing going up yours.

That’s is all. Now go die.

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